Wolf Golf Scorecard is now FREE!

There are now two versions of the app: Wolf Golf Scorecard Pro (paid) and Wolf Golf Scorecard (free). The Wolf Golf Scored Pro is the original no ad version of the app at the same low price. The only difference is the new PRO launcher icon. The Wolf Golf Scorecard is now the free version with tastefully placed ads. Both apps have the same exact functionality (no paywalls to unlock features).

They are both available on the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

Google Play Store
Amazon Appstore

In 2017, when I designed and developed the first version of the Wolf Golf Scorecard I wanted to provide app that doesn’t get in the way. When you’re on the golf course you want any scoring app to be easy to use, quick to enter scores and simple to navigate. This is important so that the app doesn’t slow down play on a busy weekend or interferes with your golf game. I believe the current version of Wolf Golf Scorecard provides the best experience for playing the game Wolf.

The idea of offering a “free” version of the app has been consider in the past however, ad technology years ago degraded the app quality and experience. Today, advancements in technology provides more freedom to tastefully place ads without significantly impacting the experience. In other words, I feel it is finally time to offer a free version.


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